Home Energy Audit


Home Energy Audit

Are you unhappy with the amount of money you spend to heat and cool your home? Do you have a quality heating and air conditioning system, follow recommended maintenance guidelines, but still face high energy costs in spite of it all? You may want to consider scheduling a home energy audit in Woodland Hills, CA with Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning This will give a skilled professional, with the right training and tools, the opportunity to assess your home to find any trouble spots reducing the efficiency with which your HVAC equipment operates. Even minor problems can lead to serious energy loss over time. Schedule your home energy audit today to start saving money while living more comfortably.

The Woodland Hills, CA home energy audit experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning offer quality home energy audit services throughout Woodland Hills and Ventura Counties.

Why Schedule a Home Energy Audit in Woodland Hills, CA?

A home energy audit in Woodland Hills, CA is a great way to determine just how efficient — or, for that matter, inefficient — your home really is. Using a variety of tools and methods, a professional home energy auditor is able to thoroughly assess your home, finding areas where air leaks, poor insulation, inefficient appliances and drafty windows are driving up your energy consumption and, as a result, energy costs. When armed with this useful information, you can go about attacking the problems specific to your home while focusing in on the most pressing matters.

In order to enjoy a truly efficient environment in your home, you need to do more than purchase high efficiency light bulbs. The Woodland Hills, CA home energy audit specialists on our team recommend taking a whole house approach. View your home as a singular entity in which all components are interconnected. Think of how drafty windows may impact your HVAC system, and how in turn that negative affect may influence your use of your other appliances in the house. With a quality energy assessment, our technicians can show you where your home’s weaknesses lie, as well as how addressing these problems can potentially improve your quality of life while protecting your budget. Call today to learn more.

Take Advantage of the Energy Upgrade California Program in Woodland Hills

What’s better than making your home a more efficient, environmentally friendly place to live? Well, receiving incentives and rebates helps to sweeten the pot. Check out the Energy Upgrade California website to learn more about what benefits you can take advantage of while upgrading your home. There are different upgrades to choose from: the home upgrade features air sealing, attic insulation, duct sealing, hot water pipe insulation, thermostatic shut off valves installation, and combustion appliance safety testing. To take your upgrade even farther, consider the advanced home upgrade, which can help you gain the most incentives and efficiency improvements. Call us today to learn more about this great program, and ask our Woodland Hills home energy audit experts any questions you may have. We can help you enjoy increased energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

Woodland Hills, CA Energy Efficient Window Installation by Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning

There are a lot of problems you may encounter in your home which can result in a drop in efficiency. Your HVAC equipment may be old or poorly maintained, or you may even lack sufficient insulation in your home. One of the most common of all problems that drive up energy consumption and costs, though, is inefficient windows. While there are steps which may be taken in order to make existing windows more energy efficient, such as installing weather stripping around the frame and a putting a beading of caulk around stationary windows, investing in energy efficient windows is a much more effective method of boosting efficiency in your home. Here is some information to consider from the Woodland Hills energy efficient window professionals at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning

The Woodland Hills, CA home energy audit experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning offer quality home energy audit services throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Understanding Ratings on Energy Efficient Windows

As a general rule, you should keep an eye out for the ENERGY STAR® label when shopping for energy efficient windows, but keep in mind that they base their rating on only 2 factors: the U–factor and the SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient). The U–factor represents the rate at which the window conducts non solar heat flow, and you want a window with the lowest U–factor possible. The SHGC represents the amount of solar radiation that makes its way through the window and heats your home. The rating you want for this categorization is a bit trickier to determine, as you actually want your windows to collect some heat during the heating season. However, a lower SHGC rating will deflect more heat, which is important in the LA summers. A professional Woodland Hills energy efficient window technician will weigh a number of considerations to find the right window for your home.

Air leakage must also be considered, as heat is always trying to move from hotter areas to cooler environments. As heat passes into your air conditioned home during the cooling season, your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool your home down. This can decrease cooling efficiency and also places unnecessary strain on your system. Double paned windows trap a layer of air or gas between 2 window panes for increased insulation and reduced heat transfer. If you are shopping for energy efficient windows in Woodland Hills, CA, working with a skilled professional is your best bet for finding the best option for your home.

Woodland Hills, CA Energy Efficient Window Installation

Once you have chosen your new energy efficient windows, you must of course schedule your energy efficient window installation in Woodland Hills, CA with a qualified technician. To do so, contact Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning We have plenty of experience installing all types of windows. We will ensure that your new energy efficient windows are properly sized for your home and frames, and that they are sealed efficiently for maximum performance levels. Call now to discuss your energy efficient window installation needs with a member of our team.