Pool Pumps


Pool Pump Installation

Living in Woodland Hills, having a swimming pool is a great luxury. The summers are very long and exceptionally hot most of the time, and taking a dip in your own pool is a great way to relax and cool down, as well as a great excuse to have your friends come to you. If you attempt to use your swimming pool without a properly installed, energy efficient pool pump, though, you may as well fill it with cement. Your pool needs a pool pump for a number of different reasons, and your budget demands that that pool pump operates efficiently. The Woodland Hills pool pump pros at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning can help you find the right pool pump for your particular pool so that you can party poolside without paying premium prices. Contact us today to learn more.

The Woodland Hills, CA pool pump experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning offer quality pool pump products and services throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Why Choose Energy Efficient Pool Pump in Woodland Hills, CA?

When a lot of people think of a swimming pool, they think of the great fun, comfort and exercise opportunities they provide. They think of lounging on the deck with a refreshing drink and lots of great company surrounding them. They do not think of the energy bills that all of the unseen pool equipment adds to each and every day. Of course, pool owners realize that all that R&R doesn’t come for free. That is why they know that an energy efficient pool pump in Woodland Hills, CA is so important.

When it comes to choosing and using your pool pump properly, energy conservation is key. The fact of the matter is that many pool owners use a pool pump that is, frankly, larger than necessary. As consumers we have been trained to think that bigger is better. It’s not true with HVAC equipment, and it is certainly not true with pool pumps. In fact, the Center for Energy Conservation at Florida Atlantic University found that, in a study of 120 pools, some pool owners were able to save up to 75% of their previous pool pumping costs by downsizing their pump and reducing the amount of time that they operated it. Reduce filtration time, keep your grates clear of debris, and run your pump intermittently throughout the day, rather than for hours at a time. For more information, our Woodland Hills, CA pool pump energy conversation pros are just a phone call away.

Woodland Hills, CA Pool Pump Installation Service

When you need a new pool pump installed, it is imperative that you schedule service with a skilled, qualified Woodland Hills pool pump installation technician. There is just no way that you can expect your pool pump to operate properly without professional services. Everything, from the size of your pump to its integration into your system, especially if using a solar pump system, must be completed carefully and with great attention to detail in order to ensure the proper operation of your pool pump. Contact Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning today to guarantee that you get the right pool pump for your needs and that it is carefully installed by a trained professional.