Solar Services

If there is one thing that is not lacking here in LA, it is sunshine. Why not, then, utilize the power of that shining sun to its fullest extent. When you work with the Woodland Hills, CA solar experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning, you put the sun to work for you in ways you never have before. Whether you want to convert its energy into electricity to power your home or commercial property, or you want to use it to heat water for showering or even to warm up your pool, we can help. Take advantage of the many benefits that solar energy has to offer in an environment where it is so abundant. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of going solar in Woodland Hills.

Why Choose a Solar System in Woodland Hills, CA?

There are many reasons you may choose to use solar power in Woodland Hills, CA. It is, of course, a sustainable energy source. The sun is up there shining away most of the year anyway, right? With a residential or commercial solar system, you can use PV (photovoltaic) panels to convert that sunshine into electricity, allowing you access to clean, and environmentally friendly power. Plus, because the sun’s rays shine down for free, this is a very efficient method of powering a building or water heater which can save you money over time. In order to operate your solar equipment effectively, of course, you must schedule a professional solar system installation, as well as routine solar maintenance in Woodland Hills, CA. Leave your solar system design and services to the experts on our team.

Woodland Hills, CA Solar System Design and Installation

Your residential solar system or commercial solar system must be meticulously designed and expertly installed in order to provide you with the effective, reliable performance you deserve. Let us ensure that your solar PV panels are properly placed and positioned for maximum energy absorption. If you choose to use batteries to store solar energy collected throughout the day, we’ll make sure that they are incorporated into your system properly. No matter what you need to enjoy the best performance possible from your solar system, our Woodland Hills solar installation technicians can get the job done right.

Woodland Hills, CA Solar Repair and Maintenance

While solar energy systems are very efficient and reliable when properly designed and installed, there is always a chance that something will go wrong with your residential or commercial solar system. When this happens, you need to contact a professional solar technician for help. Our Woodland Hills, CA solar repair and maintenance experts can find the root of any problem you may experience, and they have the knowledge and training needed to ensure that the issue is resolved completely. If your solar PV panels do not seem to be gathering enough energy, or if your solar water heating system is leaving a chill in your shower, contact us right away to schedule service.

Woodland Hills, CA Solar Hot Water by Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning

Have you ever wondered why, in as warm and sunny a climate as LA, you spend so much money to heat the water you use for showering, washing dishes and doing the laundry? It is a very legitimate question. Well, the Woodland Hills, CA solar hot water professionals at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning have some information you may be interested in. We also have the products and services you need to begin heating water for use in your home with the heat and energy provided by the sun we see so much of. If you want to learn more about using the sun to heat water in your home, contact a member of our solar team today for more details.

The Woodland Hills, CA solar hot water experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning offer quality solar water heating products and services throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. 

How Does Solar Hot Water Work?

Heating water by utilizing solar energy is a very simple idea, but it involves a lot more than just allowing the sun’s rays to beat down on a container of water. There are different ways in which you may choose to heat water using solar energy on your property. Here are a few options for solar hot waters in Woodland Hills, CA.

Active Solar Water Heating

While most solar water heating systems us storage tanks and solar collectors, there are two main types of systems to consider. In an active solar water heating system, circulating pumps and controls are used. Direct circulation systems pump household water through collectors and right into the home. This is a good option for LA, where you don’t really have to worry about the water freezing up. Indirect circulation systems pump a heat transfer fluid through both collectors and a heat exchanger in order to heat the water before it enters your home.

Passive Solar Water Heaters

These passive systems tend to be more affordable to purchase than active ones, but they also tend to be less efficient. However, they are also very reliable and can often outlast active system. Speak with one of our solar hot water technicians to determine if passive solar water heating is right for you. A collector is used, and warm water rises as cool water sinks. This warmer water is fed into a storage tank until needed. Passive systems tend to have fewer repair and maintenance concerns than active systems.

Woodland Hills, CA Solar Water Heater Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Any solar hot water services in Woodland Hills, CA must be completed by a skilled professional. Only a qualified Woodland Hills solar hot water technician can ensure that your solar water heater installation, repair and maintenance is completed properly for maximum efficiency and performance levels. The size of your storage tank will depend on your hot water needs, building code requirements must be considered, and solar availability must be taken into account. Should something go wrong with your system, a trained professional is the only person who can determine where along the system the problem is. Never take any chances with your solar hot water system in Woodland Hills, CA. Give us the opportunity to keep your system in great working condition.

Woodland Hills, CA Solar Electric Systems by Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning

Electricity is expensive. Here in Woodland Hills, it seems like the sun is always shining. Do you see where we are going with this? Considering the amount of sunlight we get here, as well as the high costs of electricity, we often wonder why anyone would not take advantage of that sunshine with a solar electric system in Woodland Hills, CA. The initial cost of the necessary equipment, including the PV (photovoltaic panels) can be high. It is also a great investment, though, as it will provide years of efficient, reliable and sustainable energy with which to power your home or commercial property. If you are interested in learning more about solar electric systems, call Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning today.

The Woodland Hills, CA solar electric system experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning offer quality solar electric system installation, repair and maintenance throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Choosing the Right PV System in Woodland Hills, CA

PV (photovoltaic) systems are able to use direct sunlight and even scattered sunlight to create electricity. Cloudy days, then, do not mean that you will be without power. However, days when the sun is shining brightly will result in a higher yield of electricity. Regardless of the amount of direct sunlight your home may receive, it is of the utmost importance to work with a skilled professional when designing your PV system in Woodland Hills, CA and choosing the equipment you will use.

There are different types of solar cells your PV panels may use, which make up the panel and consist of semiconductor materials. You will probably want to use a battery to store the electricity you generate, so that you have a backup on cloudy days. It may also be advisable to have a generator on standby, depending on your exposure to sunlight and the electrical demands in your home. Only a Woodland Hills, CA solar system expert can ensure you make the right choices for your home.

Woodland Hills, CA Solar Electric System Installation

Once your system is expertly designed and the equipment chosen, our team can complete your solar electric system installation in Woodland Hills, CA. In order to get the best performance that your system can possibly deliver, it is very important that every component is installed by a trained professional. Contact us today to ensure that this is the case. Should any component in your solar electricity system require replacement, we’ll find the right product and handle the installation with the skill and expertise that define our work.

Woodland Hills, CA Solar Electric System Repair and Maintenance

Your solar electric system may encounter some operational problems at some point. If you are underwhelmed with the performance of your equipment, or if its effectiveness drops off noticeably, give us a call. Solar electric system repair service in Woodland Hills, CA may be necessary. We will figure out exactly what is wrong with your system and provide you with the lasting repairs you need. We also offer exceptional solar electric system maintenance in Woodland Hills, CA to keep your system up and running at peak performance levels, so call today to start enjoying the full potential of your system.

Woodland Hills, CA Solar Pool Heating Systems by Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning

Considering the long, sunny summer months we enjoy in LA, a pool is a great luxury to have. Even with the long swimming season, though, it can be hard to close up the pool for the offseason when it does arrive. With a solar pool heating system, though, you can enjoy lavishly warm swimming water whenever you’d like, and the fact that they utilize clean, sustainable solar energy is the icing on the cake. If you are interested in a solar pool heating system in Woodland Hills, CA, call the professional solar technicians at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning for more details. We’ll help you enjoy your pool to the fullest.

The Woodland Hills, CA solar pool heater experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning offer quality solar heating system installation, repair and maintenance throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

How a Solar Pool Heating System Works

A solar pool heating system in Woodland Hills, CA is a great way to enjoy a heated pool while also cutting down substantially on pool heating costs. Heating a pool with solar energy is actually one of the most cost effective uses of solar power. There are a few components that most solar pool heating systems share in common.

Generally speaking, a solar pool heater will use a solar collect, which circulates pool water through tubing and allows it to be heated by the sun. A filter prevents debris in this water from clogging these tubes, and a pump is used to circulate the water into and back out of the collector. A flow control valve allows you to choose when to use the pool heater, and some models will divert the water to the collector automatically when water temperatures dip below a certain point.

Woodland Hills, CA Solar Pool Heating Installation

If a solar pool heating system sounds relatively simple, bear in mind that it still requires installation by a skilled, professional Woodland Hills solar pool heating installation technician. Only an experienced technician can ensure that your solar pool heater is properly installed and that the equipment is all sized appropriately. If the equipment is not the right size it will not provide the quality heating performance you need. Let one of our technicians assess the site, orient the collector, and determine the proper layout of your system for a great, consistent performance.

Woodland Hills, CA Solar Pool Heating System Repair and Maintenance

A solar pool heating system may require repairs eventually, and routine solar pool heating system maintenance in Woodland Hills, CA is an absolute must. Our solar pool heating system repair and maintenance experts will ensure that your solar pool heater is as efficient as can be by thoroughly inspecting the system, cleaning it and completing any tune–ups as needed. Call today to rest assured that your pool heater is operating at peak performance levels. What is the point of using such an efficient means of energy if you are not doing so as efficiently as possible? When you work with us, you won’t have to worry about such issues with your solar pool heating system in Woodland Hills, CA.